I listened to a webinar last week  with Jo Tutchener Founder and CEO of Scamp and Dude and her story resonated with me. As I listened I found myself tearing up, and that is because her journey stemmed from heartache, from understanding that she wanted to do more and give more and it hit a spot with me.


My accident happened 11 years Ago this summer, in short it was a pretty big one. A car crash that changed my life, changed my perspective and made me wanted more than just stuff, just a job just a career. I wanted a reason to be.


Lots of soul searching as well as  a lot of recovery I decided pilates was my magic power. That it had taught me that now not being able to run, (which was my meditation for life) that I could tune into my body, strengthen from the inside out and connect to what was going on. The pain without my magic powers is still evident so I am forever grateful, but more than this I wanted to give/share and teach others. If I could package the feelings, the smiles and the thank yous at the end of a class and put it into a bottle then that would be worth something.

So I did, I created a brand. An activewear brand that is dedicated to encourage women to move. Empowerment, encouragement and a logo that is our stamp shouting to others "we got this" adopting the phrase "OWN LANE, OWN PACE, OWN RACE". 

Through the community network of instructors, coaches, clubs and classes we want to encourage women, empower and of achieve their MBAC goal. 



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