Behind the Brand MBAC

When people glance up at the sign of my shop, "Mar-deee bum active Club," the reactions vary. Some flash a smile, others wonder who Mardy is, and some chuckle, especially the kids who find the "bum" part amusing. Occasionally, someone recognises it as an Arctic Monkeys song reference. But the truth is, most people get it wrong, and while I adore the Arctic Monkeys, that's not the reason behind the name of my brand.

The inspiration for "Mardy Bum" comes from my late Dad, who hailed from Leeds. Although I don't recall him specifically using that phrase, it was something we would playfully call each other in our family. It meant being grumpy or urging someone to snap out of a bad mood. Sure, we used harsher words too, but this one fit perfectly with what I envisioned for my brand. I wanted to create something that would uplift people, make them feel better, and highlight the power of movement when combined with our clothing.

The first thing I created was the logo for the brand. The Club emblem represents balance—a harmony between the mind and body. When you take care of your mental and physical well-being, you attain a sense of completeness and control over other aspects of life. The lower semi-circle symbolizes the mind, and while exercise does help, being mindful doesn't always require physical exertion. It can be found in activities like meditation, switching off, reading books, cooking, or engaging in creative pursuits. The middle semi-circle signifies movement, and finding the right physical activity can enhance your overall well-being. Finally, the top circle represents the fusion of both elements, balancing gracefully on top.

I'm thrilled that my brand can contribute to making people feel good and uplift their spirits. It's a fact that movement has a positive impact on our well-being, and by creating clothing that supports and encourages physical activity, I hope to inspire individuals to embrace a holistic approach to their health and happiness.


“At the end of a pilates class I see women feeling stronger, happier and smiling. This is what Mardy Bum Active Club encapsulates. This is a playful, fun club every woman can be part of. We celebrate each individual journey - Own Lane, Own Pace, Own Race.”

Sharing the story behind my brand and its meaning allows customers to forge a deeper connection with Mardy Bum Active Club and understand the values it represents. Thank you for your support, and I'm excited to continue this journey, spreading positivity and empowering others to feel their best through movement and mindful living.