A Cozy Autumn Sunday Morning Routine

A Cozy Autumn Sunday Morning Routine

Sunday mornings in autumn have a unique magic all their own. The crisp air, the golden sunlight filtering through the falling leaves, and the promise of a leisurely day make these mornings something truly special. For me, Sundays are particularly precious as they are the only days I don't have to teach. It's a day I set aside for a little self-care and quality time with my family. In this blog, I want to share how I create the perfect balance of "me-time" and family time on these cozy Sunday mornings.

1. Pilates for Self-Care:
My Sunday morning ritual begins with a little Pilates session. It's a chance for me to connect with my body, assess any stiffness or discomfort, and work on improving my physical well-being. Here's what I do:

- Mat Work: I start on the mat, focusing on stretching and warming up my body. This helps me get ready for the day and alleviates any tension.
- Targeting Trouble Spots: I often experience tight hips and lower back discomfort, especially if I've been on my feet all week. So, I incorporate specific exercises to address these areas.
- Strengthening: Building core strength is essential for overall fitness, so I include some strengthening exercises in my routine.
- Hips Maintenance: I pay extra attention to my hips, as old injuries can resurface and cause pain if I neglect them.

For a gentle practise follow the link

2. Preparing a Delicious Brunch:
After my Pilates session, it's time to indulge in a delightful Sunday brunch. Sometimes I prepare the bread the night before, but my all-time favorite is making cardamom buns. This time, I decided to whip up a family favorite: pickletts. These are a delightful fusion of pancakes and crumpets, a real treat! Here's how I make them:

-185g plain flour

-100g milk (oat milk or dairy)

-100g water

-100g starter (optional)

-teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

-pink of salt

-pink of sugar

1. Mix the ingredients together if you do not have a starter replace with 50g flour and 50g water. The mixture will be quite wet compared to a pancake recipe you might be used to.

2. Heat oil in the pan, I use coconut oil but you can use others.

3. Add a ladle of the mixture and make sure it covers the pan, and allow to cook, there will be small bubbles all the way across, when they are covering the surface flip.

4. Brown the other side and serve....

- Picklets: These golden, fluffy delights are perfect for a cozy morning. I top them with honey and butter, and roll them up with a generous serving of almond butter.
- Fresh Coffee: A freshly brewed cup of coffee is the perfect companion to this delectable breakfast.

3. Setting the Scene:
To enhance the cozy, special atmosphere, I like to set the table with care. Candles and our favorite fleeces add that extra touch of warmth and comfort.

The Perfect Brunch
There's something truly magical about Sunday mornings in autumn. My special ritual of Pilates, followed by a delicious brunch, surrounded by the warmth of my family, sets the tone for a wonderful day. It's a time for self-care and for cherishing the people I love. So, I encourage you to embrace your own Sunday morning routine and make it uniquely yours. What's your favorite way to start your Sundays in autumn? Whether it's a cozy morning at home, a leisurely stroll in the park, or any other tradition that brings you joy, there's no wrong way to savor the beauty of the season.


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