Friendship Therapy

Friendship Therapy



A London meet up with my besties was on the cards. A year where we are all turning 40. As we step into a new decade, a milestone that often carries a weight of reflection and introspection, the significance of friendship therapy becomes even more pronounced. It's a time when the complexities of life seem to converge, and the need for genuine connection and understanding grows stronger.

Turning 40 is undeniably a big deal but it is more than just a number and this weekend really proved that. It's a juncture where we're not just acknowledging another year gone by but also confronting the reality of aging, the evolution of our bodies, and the depth of our emotions. Yet, amidst these contemplations, there's a profound sense of empowerment that comes with understanding ourselves better.

For 40-year-old women, this journey of self-discovery often finds its anchor in the company of cherished friends. With each passing year, we've accumulated not just experiences but wisdom – about our bodies, our emotions, and the enigmatic journey of life itself. And it's within the embrace of friendship that we find solace and understanding is so important.

In the company of our closest confidantes, conversations flow freely, unbounded by judgment or pretense friends feed your soul. We share stories of past triumphs and tribulations, of dreams realised and challenges overcome. There's laughter that echoes, intermingled with tears shed for losses endured and struggles confronted.

What sets this phase apart is the depth of openness that accompanies it. As 40-year-olds, we've shed the layers of insecurity and inhibition that once held us back. We speak openly about our fears, our insecurities, and our aspirations, knowing that within the circle of friendship, vulnerability is met with empathy and support.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of friendship therapy at 40 is the perspective it offers. With two decades or more of shared history, we've witnessed each other grow up, navigate the ups and downs of life, and embrace the journey with resilience and grace. There's a sense of pride in seeing our friends evolve, coupled with an unwavering loyalty that withstands the test of time.

In essence, sitting with friends at 40 is not just a social gathering – it's a powerful testament to the strength of enduring bonds and the transformative nature of shared experiences. It's a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we're never alone as long as we have our tribe by our side.

So here's to the power of friendship therapy – to the laughter that heals, the tears that cleanse, and the unbreakable bonds that carry us through the journey of life, one milestone at a time. I am forever grateful for the close friend I have.

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