Holidays and Keeping Active

Holidays and Keeping Active

When we think of holidays, lounging on the beach and basking in the sun often come to mind. However, incorporating physical activity into your holiday routine can make your relaxation time even more rewarding. While we often work hard to get fit for specific occasions, it's essential to prioritize staying active even while on holiday.

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As a Pilates teacher, I believe in providing my clients with tips and exercises to keep them moving, and holidays are no exception. One versatile and convenient tool I recommend is a small elastic band, which allows for a wide range of exercises.

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Here are three exercises each for the arms and shoulders, glutes, hips, lower legs, core, and back. Click on the links provided to watch short videos demonstrating how to perform each exercise correctly.

1. Arms and Shoulders:
- Exercise 1: Bicep Curls with Band
- Exercise 2: Shoulder Press to Tricep with Band
- Exercise 3: Single Arm Row with Band

2. Glutes:
- Exercise 1: Glute Bridges with Band
- Exercise 2: Squats with Band
- Exercise 3: Donkey Kicks with Band

3. Hips:
- Exercise 1: Hip Abduction with Band
- Exercise 2: Standing Hip Extension with Band
- Exercise 3: Clam Shell With Band

4. Lower Legs:
- Exercise 1: Calf Raises with Band
- Exercise 2: Ankle Inversions/Eversions with Band
- Exercise 3: Resistance Band Walks

5. Core:
- Exercise 1: Russian Twists with Band
- Exercise 2: Standing Oblique Crunches with Band
- Exercise 3: Plank with Band Row

6. Back:
- Exercise 1: Swimming with Band
- Exercise 2: Band Pull-Aparts
- Exercise 3: Superman with Band

To create a well-rounded workout, I recommend repeating each exercise routine 3-5 times. In between repetitions, you can add some cardio bursts such as star jumps, burpees, or jogging in place for 60 seconds.

The best part is that you can gradually incorporate these exercises into your daily routine. Choose one video to follow each day and, if you're up for it, eventually combine all the exercises into a comprehensive workout session.

Remember to make the most of your relaxation time, but also allow your body the opportunity to move and stay active. Enjoy your holiday and embrace the benefits of exercise.



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