Life Happens....Running helps.

Life Happens....Running helps.

Aged 28 I was a keen runner, I would put my work clothes in my bag and swap them for my running kit. Nothing felt better after a day inside to run up the hill 6 miles home.


I would sign myself up to half marathons and even managed a marathon. But it wasn't about the race, it was about the escape it gave me. I remember going for a run after a heart ache, after a frustrating argument or when the work load got too much. It helped, I felt a release and a sense of control over my mind and body.


Also Aged 28, I had a big car accident. One that changed my life and one that nearly took it. There were a lot of changes that happened, a lot of heart ache and the one thing I missed through it all was running.

But there is no point holding onto something that isn't going to happen and I had to accept that running wasn't going to be my thing any more.

But what next? I found Pilates to help heal me, it helped me to slowly think about what my body needed. It is over 10 years since my injuries and I now teach Pilates and Barre. I want women to know about their own body. Take the responsibility back for you own movements and feel stronger knowing this.

Running will always be my lost love and even though I try to go back to it I know that we can get over things and move on. Stronger and better. 


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