Mardy Bum Active Club: Inspired by the Courage to Try and the Joy of Movement

Mardy Bum Active Club: Inspired by the Courage to Try and the Joy of Movement

When I decided to take on those gymnastic rings at the start of the year, it felt like a crazy leap out of my comfort zone. It got me thinking - this must be how it feels for anyone trying something new, like stepping into their first fitness class or giving a new sport a go. This whole adventure didn't just give me a bunch of personal a-ha moments, but it really nailed down what Mardy Bum Active Club is all about. Turns out, loads of us get these newbie jitters, and it's been amazing to chat with so many people who totally get where I'm coming from (I mean have you read Kayla's post from a Pro-dancers perspective?).



Whether it’s the first time lacing up your trainers for a run, stepping into a dance class, or facing a row of intimidating gymnastic rings, the emotions are strikingly similar. There’s a unique blend of excitement and anxiety, hope and hesitation. It’s a feeling I encountered at the pool, and it’s a feeling familiar to anyone who’s ever stood at the threshold of a new physical challenge. This shared experience is at the heart of what Mardy Bum Active Club stands for.


The initial plunge into any new activity can be the hardest part. Just like my repeated attempts (and splashes) with the rings, the first dance steps, the initial awkward jogs, or the clumsy first yoga poses are often riddled with self-doubt and fear of judgment. Mardy Bum Active Club was born from the belief that these moments should be embraced with a spirit of playfulness and fun. It's about transforming the fear of the unknown into excitement for what’s possible. It is why as a teacher of movement I encourage play in the class, Making people smile and laugh at their own attempts is really helpful to make them feel at comfort.

One crucial lesson from my rings challenge, which is central to our ethos at Mardy Bum Active Club, is that the ultimate goal of any physical endeavor should be to feel good. It’s not just about mastering a skill or achieving a fitness goal; it's about the joy, the energy, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with trying something new. This is what we want for everyone who joins our classes or takes on a new challenge with us.

We understand that attending your first class or trying a new activity can be daunting. That's why Mardy Bum Active Club is more than just a fitness brand; it's a supportive community. We celebrate every first step, every awkward move, and every courageous beginner. Because in these moments of vulnerability, we find our strength and our joy. Check out our community, we have added a directory of instructors to our list and would love you to let us know If you have tried any.

Mardy Bum Active Club is a call to action for everyone who has ever felt the fear of starting something new. We invite you to take that leap, make a change and to feel the exhilaration of trying, and to discover the joy in movement. Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Whether it’s your first time in trainers or your hundredth time in a dance studio, the journey is about feeling good, having fun, and embracing the playful spirit within us all. Do it in your own way, OWN LANE, OWN PACE, OWN RACE.

So, lace up your shoes, step into that class, and join us in this journey of joyful, fearless movement. Let’s celebrate every step, every leap, and every swing, no matter how small, because it's these moments that pave the way to a happier, healthier, and more playful life.


Click this link to see my rings attempt!

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