Move Over Influencers

Move Over Influencers

We predict a shift in social media. A very welcome shift.

For years we have been looking up and aspiring to what is portrayed by the ‘influencers’ who take over our feeds. It can be easy to forget that these people are presenting curated, idealised versions of their lives… and likely don’t live like that 24/7.

This can be especially tricky within the world of fitness. We compare ourselves to these wonderful influencers whose life revolves around movement, while we may be spending 8-hours sitting at a desk, early mornings/late nights looking after children, while also trying to find the time to see our friends… and still expect ourselves to look like a pilates instructor?

It’s exactly this that we have been rebelling against at Mardy Bum Active Club and we are so excited to see the more people subscribing!

In the hangover of a global pandemic, people no longer have the energy for this influencer facade. Greta Gerwig's Barbie film added fuel to this fire and we are SO here for it.

⚡️ We want real life. Real connections. Real community. Real experiences. The highs, the lows, the mess of it all.

Yet, it can feel scary and vulnerable to be our true selves out loud. So I propose we support each other.


Here are some ways to make showing up authentically in movement easier:

1️⃣ - Become part of a Community

Seek out new classes and groups you can join regularly. Genuine connections fosters trust in showing up as ourselves.

2️⃣ - Process over Outcome

Acknowledge the time, effort and energy you are putting into your movement journey - and celebrate yourself frequently. Doing this helps to see failures as opportunities and actually begin to enjoy the process despite the outcome.

3️⃣ - Shift Expectations

Pursuing a certain look sets unrealistic standards. We suggest changing expectations from ‘looking great’ to ‘feeling great’. Do this by bringing more fun into your movement, being silly, seeing it as play!

Ultimately, being authentic and connecting with authentic people makes us happier. So let’s ride this wave and encourage each other to embrace and contribute to this powerfully positive trend.

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