Navigating Healing: The Journey Behind Our Brand

Navigating Healing: The Journey Behind Our Brand

In the grand tapestry of life, few experiences are as transformative as the process of healing. Healing isn't a single destination but a journey that we embark upon, with its own twists and turns. This article isn't here to claim it holds all the answers, but rather to share the profound story of how healing became the cornerstone of our brand Mardy Bum Active Club. I'm Anna – a Pilates teacher, MBAC curator, and a mother of two. My life can be divided into two distinct chapters: before and after the accident.

2023 Proud Mum of two.


In the "before" chapter of my life, I was a woman on the brink of numerous life-changing accomplishments. Working for a prominent high-street fashion brand, I was on the cusp of buying my first home, ready to explore the world through my job, and embracing the exhilarating rhythm of running. Running was my solace, my strength, my passion. It wasn't just about the miles; it was the freedom, the vitality, and the joy it brought to every day. I was the embodiment of health and vitality – fit and exuberant.

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Then came the accident. A moment that forever altered the trajectory of my life. The accident wasn't just a collision of metal; it was a collision of dreams, hopes, and routines. Suddenly, I found myself caught in a web of chronic pain, and every aspect of my life was transformed. The pain was not just physical; it was emotional and mental too. My identity was shaken to its core, and I had to navigate a path through the darkness.

Post Accident Besties giving me support July 2012

Healing, as it turned out, wasn't a linear path. It wasn't about restoring the life I once had but about creating a new life based on resilience, adaptability, and strength. I embarked on a relentless journey to strengthen In the hope I could get back to running. Each step, each choice, was a small victory, a testament to my unyielding spirit. And not being able to get back to running meant I needed an alternative, I discovered Pilates.
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Pilates became my sanctuary – a space where I could gently reclaim my body, build strength without overwhelming pain, and find a connection between mind, body, and soul. It wasn't about competing with my old self; it was about nurturing the new self that emerged from the ashes of the accident. As I healed physically, I also unearthed a newfound sense of purpose. A brand was born – not just a business venture, but a reflection of my personal odyssey. Knowing that my journey was in my "Own Lane, Own Pace, Own Race", no Doctors or surgeons can do the work for you with healing, they can't feel what you can feel.

The brand I curated isn't just about Pilates; it's about empowerment. It's about embracing the journey of healing, whether it's healing from physical injury, emotional wounds, or life's unpredictable curveballs. Our brand is a testament to the fact that healing isn't a solitary endeavor; it's a collective effort that involves support, understanding, and community. Through our products, classes, and messages, we strive to inspire individuals to reclaim their strength, define their own paths, and find beauty in resilience.


Pilates Shoot The Biscuit Factory 2020

Healing is a story that is uniquely ours to tell. My journey from a high-street fashion maven to a Pilates advocate wasn't just a transformation of career, but a transformation of the soul. Healing is a process that isn't confined to the realm of physicality; it's an intricate tapestry woven with threads of determination, adaptability, and the unwavering spirit to forge ahead. While this article might not hold all the answers, it aims to highlight the power of embracing healing as a narrative that shapes not only our lives but the essence of our brand. Remember, healing isn't about erasing the scars; it's about wearing them proudly as badges of honor, symbols of our resilience and the stories that make us who we are.

Anna x 

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Anna! Just off from listening back to your live today with the MOBs and read this. So beautifully written. I too found pilates (reformer) a few years ago which has given me so much strength and life to do things I want to do and not wake up in pain after years of back pain. Look froward to our paths crossing again some day. Well done girl. Much love, Amy x

Amy Whitaker

It’s evident that challenges couldn’t deter you, and your story is a testament to your strength. Wishing you continued success and growth Anna.

Zhujeta Cima

What an inspiring journey you have had Anna. You write beautifully. I absolutely love your branding, own lane, own pace, own race – it is definitely something to live by.

Claire Watson

An inspiring read Anna, you have huge talent … your resilience and determination define you . You’ve created something special and you have an incredible opportunity ahead of you . Jo Jenkins ( sister ?!?! )

Jo Jenkins

You were never going to live a linear life Anna, congratulations on the brand you’ve created

Abi Wilson

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