Online or In Person Classes, lets figure out which ones are best.

Online or In Person Classes, lets figure out which ones are best.

Online vs. In-Person Pilates Classes:

Welcome to the world our Pilates as a teacher we encourage flexibility, strength, mobility, balance and of course posture. There are so many choices for classes out there and on our website we want to share our love for other teachers and their classes and give you options for classes online and in person.


So we thought we would delve into the benefts in a battle of Online Versus in Person classes.


Let’s start with Online Pilates Classes: 

Your Home, Your Sanctuary! Convenience at Its Core:

Roll out of bed, and you're there! Online classes bring the studio to you. Whether you're a busy bee or a homebody, the flexibility of logging in from anywhere at any time ensures your workout doesn't skip a beat.

So many choices and not just local instructors:  From beginner basics to advanced acrobatics, online platforms are a treasure trove of varied classes. You can hop from one style to another or from one instructor to another, no holds barred!

Privacy for Progress:

Sometimes the intiidating step into a studio really can put you off going to a class, so online can help you feel more confident before going to unperson classes. Online classes offer a sanctuary for those who prefer a personal space to stretch, stumble, and strengthen without an audience.

Cost-Effective Canvas:  

Generally lighter on the wallet, online sessions remove physical overheads, passing on the savings to you. It's quality training with a quaint price tag. I offer a subscription for my clients and I know so many of them appreciate this, they can also watch on demand which is also a benefit if time is restricted. 

In-Person Pilates Classes: The Power of Presence

Tailored Touch: one of the big ones real-time adjustments, ensuring your posture and techniques are spot on. This personalised attention is invaluable, especially for beginners carving out their core.


Community Vibe:  There's a certain magic in the air when a group moves in harmony. But not just the movement the community connection, the little chats before class and the smile walking out together. 


Discipline and Structure:Scheduled sessions and the commitment of traveling to a studio can instill a sense of discipline. It's not just a class; it's an appointment and if you have booked in it really forces you to attend.


 Most studios are equipped with specialised Pilates apparatus that can significantly enhance your practice. Plus, the ambiance of a dedicated space sets a focused, inspirational tone.


 Why Not Both?

Many find a hybrid approach a perfect balance. Start with online classes to get a taste and ease into the practice. As you grow confident, sprinkle in in-person sessions for advanced learning and community vibes. This blend allows flexibility while still offering the depth and personal touch of physical classes.

 Your Pilates, Chose your pathway

Ultimately, the choice between online and in-person Pilates classes mirrors life's most vibrant principle: diversity. Each brings its benefits to the table, and what works for one may not sparkle for another. We encourage you to try both! Maybe start with a few online sessions to dip your toes into the Pilates pool. As you get more comfortable, seek out a studio and feel the difference firsthand. Or maybe you'll find a rhythm between both, crafting a routine as unique as you!


Remember, the goal of Pilates is not just about bending and stretching; it's about discovering and nurturing a happier, healthier you. So, roll out your mat and embark on this journey with an open heart and a curious spirit.


Embrace the journey, embrace the choice, and most importantly, embrace yourself! With Pilates, every breath is a step towards a more vibrant you. Dive in and let the adventure unfold!


Join our vibrant community of Pilates enthusiasts, share your stories, and keep moving forward with us! Your next class, online or in-person, awaits! You can find more instructors on the directory or click on to Pilates By Anna C. 

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