Last week’s event with MACFIT really demonstrated the importance of connecting with a community that celebrates and champions own lane, own pace and own race within the realm of sports.


The morning consisted of an outdoor sports class in the meadows and then some coffee from machina followed by a quick shop at MBAC. It was a refreshing morning that aligned with one of our core values of collaborating with a community network of instructors, coaches and clubs in order to empower women to achieve their fitness goals.

In a world that often emphasises competition and comparison, we instead believe that championing your own lane, own pace and own race instead can enhance your fitness journey and create a supportive community around you.


Here are our thoughts on why championing own lane own pace on race is key:


  1. Own Lane


Embracing individuality: sports should be a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Each of us possess unique passions, and abilities that make us stand out. By championing our own lane, we honour and embrace our individuality, allowing us to fully explore our potential and set our own goals. Whether you're a long-distance runner or a yoga enthusiast remember that your path is unique and worth celebrating.


  1. Own Pace


Personal growth: One of the best aspects of sports is personal growth.

Every step forward contributes to our growth on our sporting journey and individuals. By championing our own pace, we give ourselves the freedom to progress at a speed that feels right for us. It's about focusing on our own journey, learning from our experiences, and continuously challenging ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.


  1. Own race


Embracing diversity: Sports have the incredible power to bring people from all walks of life together. Championing our own race means recognising and respecting the diverse backgrounds, abilities and perspectives of fellow athletes. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and welcomed.


Building a supportive community is vital for us to thrive and excel. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who appreciate the journey, rather than solely focusing on the outcome, can have a tremendous impact on our motivation, confidence, and overall enjoyment of sports. Whether it's finding a local sports club, joining online communities, or participating in events that embrace diversity and inclusivity, the power of community can uplift us during both successed and setbacks.


Keep an eye out for our next collaboration with a local instructor!


Zoe is an amazing and inspiring instructor, loved by all that meet her. Her link to her group sessions and PT:



























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