Spice-Girls Collab

Spice-Girls Collab

Nearly 20 years ago, our paths crossed in the bustling environment of a highstreet buying office. The office was a whirlwind of excitement, filled with young, fashionable teams eager to discover and create new products. We all  loved the buzz, embracing the latest trends, and every Thursday night, we would gather at the coolest bars in Leicester (there were only a few back then). As buyers, our job was to stay ahead of the trends, constantly on the lookout for the newest hot items straight off the catwalk.


Looking back it really was an exciting time and we were surrounded by some very inspiring women in the industry. 

Despite the challenges, we had the best time learning the ropes and growing up together as a team. Early mornings were the norm, lunches were often skipped or eaten at our desks, and late meetings were just part of the routine. Our lives outside of work were deeply intertwined with our professional lives, as we traveled for trade shows, inspiration trips, and factory visits. It was a fun, yet exhausting lifestyle, and looking back, it’s hard to imagine how those with families managed to maintain any sort of balance.


Our careers eventually took us on different paths. Nicci moved on to another highstreet retailer, while I faced a significant recovery period following a major car accident. Fast forward ten years, and both of our independent brands were born out of a desire for more than the corporate world of a buying office. We wanted to make a difference and found product development even more exciting when creating something we truly believed in.

Now, here we are, united once again, launching a collaborative product. The fun, cheeky slogans that have become a hallmark of Second Stories perfectly complement the OG sports socks from Mardy Bum Active Club. This limited edition collaboration is ready and we think it adds the perfect touch to summer trainers, Crocs, or sliders.

Join us in celebrating this journey from highstreet buying office to independent brand collaboration. Our shared passion for creativity and innovation has led us to this exciting moment, and we can’t wait for you to experience our unique product. 

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