The MBAC Journey: From Marchmont to the World

The MBAC Journey: From Marchmont to the World

Our Chapter in Marchmont: A Story of Community, Challenges, and Change

A year ago, we turned the key to what would become more than just a space for MBAC; it became a hub in the vibrant, bustling neighborhood of Marchmont, surrounded by the energy of young families and students. The sight of running clubs pausing for coffee on Saturday mornings and women with yoga mats curiously peeking into our store sparked a unique kind of joy in us. Our brand, "Mardy Bum Active Club," often drew smiles and chuckles, especially at the playful inclusion of "bum" in our name—a testament to the light-hearted spirit we embody.

Our shop, nestled in this lively locale, seemed to resonate with our brand ethos perfectly. The windows and displays became our canvas, allowing us to creatively communicate our message, adapting to the seasons and holidays with flair and enthusiasm. These were the moments when our space truly came alive, filled with individuals who not only loved our products but also became part of our story, spreading the word and bringing our brand to life through events and workshops. This community engagement was the highlight, aligning our values and fostering a positive environment that was crucial to our identity.

Yet, the charm of having a physical shop in Marchmont wasn’t without its troughs. The peculiar quietness during holidays and the paradox of saving by not opening during the week presented challenges that were hard to ignore. It became clear that while our shop was a cherished part of the community, the traditional brick-and-mortar model wasn’t fully aligned with our vision. Our decision to not renew the lease was propelled by a desire to concentrate on what truly worked for us—connecting through events, workshops, and the shared joy of movement.

Lessons Learned from Brick & Mortar

Operating a physical store was an enlightening experience, teaching us the importance of space and its potential to bring people together. However, it also highlighted the limitations of energy and time. As much as we thrived on creativity and interaction, the necessity for more room to host classes and events became apparent. The journey underscored a crucial lesson: the need to focus and channel our efforts into what genuinely resonates with our brand and community.

Embracing the Digital Horizon

Looking forward, the shift online opens a new chapter for MBAC. Our excitement is boundless at the prospect of creating events that inspire movement, not just within Edinburgh but beyond. The freedom from physical constraints means we can now dream bigger—traveling, exploring, and connecting with a wider community. Our goal is to bring the fun, laughter, and camaraderie we've cherished in Marchmont to a global audience, sharing the essence of MBAC with every step.

The support and warmth we've received from our Marchmont family have been incredible, and as we embark on this online journey, we carry with us the memories, lessons, and friendships. The world may be our new playground, but the spirit of community, fun, and active living remains at the heart of MBAC. Join us as we leap into this exciting future, spreading smiles and active vibes far and wide.

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Sorry to see you go. Best of luck for the future.


Good luck anna and team!


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