Wellness and what makes us reaaally feel good By Annabel Blackwood

Wellness and what makes us reaaally feel good By Annabel Blackwood


I think that wellness is always such an interesting topic. It covers so much from nutrition to mindfulness and everything in between. But why is it when someone mentions wellness, we always picture a health guru swanning around with green juice in one hand and a yoga mat in another.




In reality, wellness is about the bigger picture. Making positive, sustainable lifestyle choices at its core. Not what appears ‘aesthetic’ or the exercises you feel pressured into by social media. While we can all be easily influenced to be in this mindset, perhaps, society needs to rethink how we perceive wellness.


The Global Wellness industry is now worth $4.5 Trillion. But, somethings been missing and gradual change is only happening now.


For so long the wellness industry was about following someone else’s meal plan or a rigorous workout plan. But of course, that was never sustainable and was always bound to fail. Hence why starting out on a wellness journey always seemed so daunting.


But what if we think about wellness in a different way, placing small sustainable changes at the focus of a wellness journey. Here at MBAC we champion ‘own lane, own race, own pace.’ If you hate running then don’t force yourself into it, perhaps a 20-minute walk at the end of your working day is more YOU.


If you want to start making more nutritious meals but don’t have the time in your busy schedule, then why not start out by setting one evening a week free and dedicate it to cooking something nutritious that YOU love.


If you’re struggling to get back into exercise, then don’t book 5, 6am gym classes for your first week back into it. You’ll only hate it and never go back. Instead, why not aim to try one new class per week that YOU have always been intrigued to try.


It’s these small, sustainable changes, at your own pace which contribute to a better approach to wellness.


Wellness should be about what makes YOU feel good and not what makes others feel good.


We’d love to hear about your wellness goals and how you’ve approached them at your own pace!


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