Our Fitness Rainbow

Our Fitness Rainbow

How does it work?

The whole purpose behind the rainbow is to encourage balance and make sure you can build it into your routine. Think of it as planning a balanced diet—you wouldn’t eat the same food every day. Similarly, varying your exercises keeps your fitness routine exciting and well-rounded.


How to Build Your Fitness Rainbow:

1. Identify Your Colours:
Different types of exercises correspond to different "colours" based on their benefits. For example:
- Red: Cardiovascular exercises (running, cycling)
- Orange: Strength training (weightlifting, bodyweight exercises)
- Yellow: Flexibility and balance (Pilates, yoga)
- Green: Outdoor activities (hiking, gardening)
- Blue: Water sports (swimming, kayaking)
- Purple: Team sports (football, basketball)

2. Plan Your Week:
Just like a shopping list for food and planning meals, think of how you can incorporate these activities into your week. Here’s an example:

🌿 **Gardening (Green)
Spend 30 minutes in the garden—weed, plant, and enjoy the fresh air.

⚽ Play Football with the Kids (Purple)
Head to the park for 45 minutes of fun football with the kids.

🧘‍♀️ **Pilates YouTube Class (Yellow)**
Find a 20-minute Pilates class on YouTube and squeeze it into your day.

Tips for Success:
1. Stay Flexible: Adjust your schedule as needed and mix up the activities to keep things interesting.
2. Get Creative: Incorporate exercise into daily habits, like walking or cycling instead of driving.
3. Make it Fun: Choose activities you enjoy to ensure you stick with them.

By planning your fitness routine like a rainbow, you’ll enjoy a balanced, colourful, and sustainable approach to staying active and healthy.

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