The Day I Discovered I am a "Granola Girl"

The Day I Discovered I am a "Granola Girl"


As a woman navigating my 40s, I've found my comfort zone on Instagram. It's familiar, it’s where I feel safe, and it's a platform I understand well. TikTok, on the other hand, feels like a vast and somewhat intimidating new world. Yet, after a recent nudge from a friend, I decided to dip my toes into the waters of TikTok to explore the latest trends in activewear. Oh and I found what i was searching for!

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. We had just wrapped up a photoshoot for our new shorts collection, a project that had been deeply inspired by the concept of micro-adventures. For those uninitiated, micro-adventures are those small, easily accessible escapades that fit seamlessly into our busy lives. They're the short, sweet trips into nature that offer the same sense of refreshment and fulfilling. Think of them as nature's little pick-me-ups, perfect for a quick reset.


While searching for inspiration and typing in "micro-adventures," I stumbled upon a term that immediately resonated with me: "Granola Girl." This discovery felt like finding a missing piece of my identity puzzle. Despite most TikTok stars showcasing this trend being in their 20s, I found myself relating to it profoundly. I mean I love Granola and I am a Girl! 


So, what exactly is a Granola Girl? Let me break it down for you.


 Nature and Outdoors Vibes


Granola Girls thrive on the beauty and serenity of the outdoors. It's all about active participation in nature, from hiking and camping to simple walks in the park. For me, these outdoor activities aren't just pastimes; they are essential to my well-being. The connection to nature provides a grounding force, a reminder of the simple joys and the natural rhythms of life. But they don't have to be all consuming and having elements of this in the weekly routine is just as important.


 Living as Sustainably as Possible


Sustainability is a core principle for Granola Girls. This means making conscious choices to live in an eco-friendly manner. It involves everything from reducing waste and recycling to supporting small, sustainable brands that prioritise the planet over profit. This ethos aligns perfectly with my personal values and the lifestyle I strive to maintain. 


Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are at the heart of the Granola Girl lifestyle and of course this aligns with Mardy Bum Active Club. This isn't just about physical health, but holistic well-being. It encompasses mindful eating (yes, including making your own granola!), regular exercise, and a balanced approach to life that prioritises mental health just as much as physical fitness. Weekends are often spent in ways that rejuvenate the soul, whether through yoga sessions, nature walks, or home-cooked, nutritious meals. AND most of all have fun with it. 

The Granola Girl in Me

Seeing this trend unfold before my eyes on TikTok was like looking into a mirror. At 40, I might not fit the typical demographic of a TikTok trendsetter, but the essence of being a Granola Girl transcends age. It's about embracing a lifestyle that harmonises with nature, prioritises sustainability, and fosters overall well-being. It's about finding joy in the simple, the natural, and the intentional.


The realisation that I am a Granola Girl has been both enlightening and affirming. It’s a reminder that trends can often reflect deeper cultural shifts that resonate with our core values, regardless of our age. So, while TikTok might still feel like uncharted territory to me, this journey into discovering the Granola Girl lifestyle has been a rewarding adventure in itself.

Whether you're 20, 40, or anywhere in between, there's a bit of Granola Girl in all of us who seek balance, nature, and wellness. So here’s to more micro-adventures, sustainable living, and embracing the Granola Girl within!

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